Mission Statement

Above all, Autumn Sun seeks to “Build Trust with Each Other.” Our goal and vision is to become an intentional, extended family, that is able to care for each other in perpetuity. Among others, we plan to develop and implement social and legal structures for continuing care of our land, facilities and community members for 100+ years. 


Description of Autumn Sun

Spread over five acres outside of Ashland, Virginia, about twenty-minutes from downtown Richmond. Autumn Sun Farm is an intentional multi-generational family.

The community property includes a large shared house featuring a geodesic dome, several studios, and a 6,000 foot warehouse.

Our values include community gardening with permaculture principles, and dwellings designed with intelligent, green techniques. Our master plan for the property includes the construction of a 5000 square foot home for co-housing, & shared care giving; multiple “out” buildings, workshop/seminar space, and greenhouses.

We are an open and accepting community of individuals who enjoy art, music, exercise, and outdoor living. The community kitchen, garden, workshop, and outdoor fire ring are frequent gathering places that are open to all, and enjoyably used for fun and free-flowing conversation. Community members show respect for each other’s privacy, and spaces abound for quiet contemplation and personal reflection.

Ours is a new community with a varied mix of employment. Individual and household income is managed by each family, with revenue sharing potential for community projects. Currently, “work trade” is an option in exchange for all or a portion of community members’ nominal contribution for their portion of the shared living space.

The Autumn Sun Community is filled with entrepreneurial minded members. We encourage knowledge sharing and group instruction. Community member revenue may be made through participation in collaborative workshops and shared community projects, as well as the individual use of the large workshop with shared workspace and tools. The same will hold for shared use of the large greenhouse once construction is complete.

If you would like to visit Autumn Sun, please fill in the form on the contact page and we will respond as soon as possible. We would appreciate that you contact us at least a week in advance before your desired date.