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Website Reboot & Fall Construction

Welcome to the new Autumn Sun website. We have recently benefited from new growth within our community and have finally formed a core group of founding members! As such we have decided to update our website with more information and an up to date look at where we are at and what our future goals are.

For now we have updated our welcome message and about pages to better reflect where we currently are as a community. We will soon have a calendar which will include information on the dates of meetings, workshops, and work bees open to the public, Open Houses, and other events hosted here at the community. We will also have this new blog which will serve to provide updates on the community and projects, as well as expanded information on upcoming events. In time we may expand it’s use to include educational content topics relevant to our community’s goals and values.


Due to our recent growth we are no longer accepting new residents, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hesitate to get involved! We encourage our friends and neighbors in the surrounding area to stop by for a visit and get involved in our many fun and educational projects to come. We are open and eager for the inclusion of non-residential members who are interested in helping us to build and expand!

Currently we are preparing to build a large quonset hut to serve as a storage shed and root cellar. Our plans are to build the quonset hut in mid-November and we are currently looking for a team of 3-5 volunteers to assist in it’s construction. The building system we employ is simple, low cost, and sustainable, and this is an excellent opportunity for those with interest to expand their knowledge.

We also have numerous other community projects in the works and are always looking for help. If you are interested in volunteering now or in future please contact us via our contact form.