Welcome to Autumn Sun Lane Community (ASC).  We are a forming Intentional “family” style Community in Ashland, Virginia. Surrounded by a variety of farms and homes of mixed size, Autumn Sun Farm spreads across several acres. Our focuses include implementing permaculture design integrated within the living structures, overall land stewardship of the acreage, and intelligently designed dwellings featuring energy conservation and sustainable practices.

Ken Schaal says, “From a career in energy conservation and renewable energies, with some side trips into innovative building systems and window insulation systems, — see the appendix section of — combined with the increasing worldwide awareness of our changing climates weather extremes that are just getting worse year to year, over-population and the resulting food and health issues, My vision for ASC includes an emphasis on energy supplies, durable structures, and resilient lifestyles.”

From my experiences, mostly as a community founder and some experiences that have emerged here, there is a need for folks to have a place for respite, healing and personal growth.

Thus our visions are —or may be —pending further discussion, the following:

A primary goal for ASC is—–to provide an opportunity for folks to build housing security and equity, as well as community cooperation and shared resources.

Another goal is for ASC is——to be energy and shelter secure with economic opportunities onsite. This means resilience in the face of climate changes and weather extremes!

The last goal for ASC is—–to address the stresses inherent in the need for our priorities, and therefore there is a need for healing and personal growth.

Emotional, sexual, and racial traumas need a place for respite, healing, and personal growth.

To see the history of ASC, please check out this page.

Thank you for your interest!